Mo's Mini Farm chicken breeds are listed below according to egg laying color. Click on the breed name for more information and photos of our chickens.

Breeds with an asterick (*) are breeds that we may have hatching eggs, chicks, and started chickens available to purchase.

White Egg Laying Breeds

Brown Egg Laying Breeds

Rare or Specialty Egg Laying Breeds

Cross-Breeds Laying Various Color Eggs

Incubation & Brooding

Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance EX
Almost completely automated--basically set and forget...refilling humidity pump reservoir, taking off turner, and putting your chicks in the brooder is just about all you need to do.

HovaBator 1588 forced-air incubator
Purchased in 2013 and has worked great so far. It has a built in digital thermostat and humidity control. The plastic liner tray holds just the right amount of water to keep humidity dead-on 50% or 60% during hatch. Large viewing is great to see what's happening during hatch...nearly a set & forget incubator!

Brinsea EcoGlow, small
Purchased in spring 2011--works awesome! Keeps chicks warm but does not heat up the whole room like when using heat lights. Placed in a small box lined with paper-towels for the first couple of weeks makes chicks feel safe and "hidden".

Brinsea EcoGlow, large
Loved the small version so much that I purchased the large one for spring 2012 hatching!

Brinsea OvaScope
Super handy for candling eggs--battery operated and no need for a dark room to candle. I've carried it out into the coop during the day to check a broody's eggs and still works great!

Little Giant forced-air incubator
Works as a last resort ~ very difficult to keep stable temperature &/or humidity. Now using for a drying incubator or hatcher if necessary.

Little Giant egg turner
Motor on first turner purchased always over-heated both stalling the turner and throwing off the incubator temperature. Now use to keep eggs turned while waiting to go into incubation. Additional turners purchased have not been a problem and do also fit he HovaBator incubator.