History of the Olive Egger

OliveEggers are the newest versions of hybrids that lay unusually colored eggs. Using the same cross-breeding methods as EasterEggers, OliveEggers are no different than EE's, with the exception of using a dark brown layer like a Marans, Welsummer, or Penedesenca. The use of a dark brown layer creates a layer of dark green, or olive, eggs, rather than the light green of the EE. For details about the history of these hybrids, please check the EasterEgger page.

Olive Egger Behaviour

Like the EasterEgger, the personality can vary due to the different breeds used to create the hybrid, but they are typically exceptionally friendly and hardy. Since they are usually quite friendly to children and humans in general, they are a great choice for a family flock. Mo's Mini Farm's personal experience has been some of the nicest roosters we've ever owned!

Understanding Olive Egger Breeding

To our knowledge, hatcheries have not started offering this type of hybrid. Again, like the EE, a 1st generation OliveEgger will only lay an olive green egg, but a 2nd generation OE could lay shades of olive or a darker brown, almost coppery, color of egg.

Mo's Mini Farm only breeds 1st generation OE's, which are the offspring from a pure Ameraucana (blue egg) parent and a Marans (dark brown egg) parent, thus ensuring that the offspring carries at least one blue egg gene as well as the genetic modifiers needed to create the dark brown color. This one blue egg gene combined with the dark brown egg genes makes the eggs a shade of dark green or olive.

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