Exchequer Leghorns

History of the Leghorn breed

This chicken originates from The Port of Leghorn in Italy and arrived in Britain in the late 1800s in the white form followed by the brown. They have white earlobes and yellow legs and the eye is red in all colours. The females have a double folded comb, a deep abdomen and a whipped tail. The eyes are prominent and the beak is short and stout. Earlobes are well defined and the wattles are long, thin and fine in texture. Their legs are long and featherless with four toes on the feet with a long straight back toe and the feathers on the body are soft and silky. The Leghorns were one of the breeds used to create the modern battery hybrid layer as they are very productive birds and are able to adapt to all conditions.

Leghorn Behaviour

Leghorns are prolific layers that rarely go broody and are non-sitters unless left undisturbed. Eggs are white and of good size and are laid throughout the year. Chicks are easy to rear. They feather up quickly, are fast growers and mature quickly. The comb is large so care needs to be taken in cold, frosty weather to avoid frostbite. They can be left to roam freely but are just as happy in a run. They are sprightly, alert birds and can be tamed but not enough to allow handling and prefer to remain rather aloof. They can be rather noisy and will roost in trees given the chance. They are not good as table birds as they aren't very meaty.

Exchequer variety

Developed within a Leghorn flock by Mr. Robert Miller of Scotland between 1905 and 1907 and introduced in 1907 under the name Exchequer. As the name suggests by the black and white chequering in color. Notes: Considered a rare breed here in the United States, matures early and high white egg production.

Ideal Poultry: "Exchequer Leghorns are extremely rare and are kept primarily because of their unique plumage pattern. Both the males and females have plumage with black and white evenly distributed which is the result of the recessive pied (pi) gene. Leghorns are known for their efficient production of white-shelled eggs, but this variety should not be expected to lay at the same rate as White Leghorns which have been selected for many years."

Standard weights at maturity are males-6+/- lbs. and hens- 5+/- lbs.

Mo's Mini Farm breeds large fowl Exchequer Leghorns

Our large fowl Exchequer breeding flocks include birds from the breeder Kat LaDue of Signature Feathers and hatchery birds that meet the basic Standards (variety currently accepted by ABA and PCGB) for proper breeding quality from Ideal Poultry, Meyer Hatchery, and My Pet Chicken.

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Exchequer Leghorn photo album

More Information on Leghorns

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The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy lists the non-industrial Leghorn as "recovering".